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Oklahoma State University
School of Global Studies and Partnerships

Educating a New Generation of Global Leaders

Graduate Program

2018 Spring Graduates

Academic Program Overview

The program in global studies at Oklahoma State University is focused on developing global perspectives and leadership skills for a variety of professional contexts. The curriculum is designed to educate students in the challenges and issues facing local and global communities, with an emphasis on understanding the economic, political, environmental, social, and cultural contexts that drive contemporary society. This interdisciplinary structure allows our students to draw from the best that Oklahoma State University has to offer, as well as to develop the globalized, multi-skilled talents that will influence the world in a variety of career paths.

Unlike traditional international or global studies programs, we train students not just in the foundational issues of diplomacy, history, and politics, but in the professional contexts dedicated to having a global impact. Structurally, we create this by requiring a multi-disciplinary core of courses, offered by the SGS, which provide the broad contextual framework for understanding the challenges facing global leaders. In addition to the multi-disciplinary core, students then opt for one of the specialized focus area that allows them to develop greater expertise, drawing upon the other academic colleges and departments at OSU.

In keeping with OSU’s status as a land-grant university, our graduate program in global studies is designed to prepare students for internationally oriented degrees in a number of professional contexts, including business, economic development, cultural industries, media, and public and international policy. The program at OSU emphasis the real-challenges that face developing and developed nations alike, and seeks to bring a global problem-solving perspective to address those challenges. Graduates of our program might have careers as professional diplomats, but are just as likely to go into global journalism, non-governmental organizations, agriculture, emergency management, or business.

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For undergraduate students, we offer a minor in Global Studies. Courses within the minor encourage students to understand social, political, economic and cultural contrasts throughout the world.

College Administration

Randy Kluver, PhD – Dean
Jami Fullerton, PhD – Director of Academic Programs
Cara Eubanks, M.A. – Graduate Coordinator


In keeping with OSU’s commitment as a land-grant institution, The School of Global Studies and Partnerships is committed to leading the university in both creating knowledge and sharing it with the global community.

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