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Funding & Scholarships

There are limited programs for financial aid to graduate students, and applicants should not normally rely on university-related financial support to complete their education. The availability of financial aid for most programs is contingent on the state’s economic situation, which varies from year to year. Most graduate students work part- or full-time to meet their financial needs.

Sources of Information

  • Complete information on financial aid programs is available in the Office of Financial Aid located in 119 SU, or 213 SU (scholarships), 405-744-6604.
  • The OSU Financial Aid website is at
  • A manual of financial programs is available at the Graduate College. Information about financial aid and scholarships is available on the Graduate College’s financial aid website
  • The Graduate College also has access to the Academic Research Information System Student Report, which produces periodic compilations of sources of financial aid for graduate students.
  • Notices of special grants and awards are placed on the School of International Studies web site and in the SIS office in 204 Wes Watkins Center. Most campus and community organizations contact the School of International Studies when they want to hire students with certain skills or international expertise and these positions are announced in graduate classes.
  • The International Studies Master’s Degree Director has information about a limited number of specialty scholarships.
  • Employment is available on campus. View the OSU Personnel website for employment opportunities or visit their office, 106 Whitehurst. The Edmond Low Library and Career Services, 360 Student Union, are sources of other employment information.

Availability of funds and programs, eligibility requirements and deadlines vary from year to year, and students should always check the latest information before assuming they are eligible for any particular form of aid and before taking any specific action.

To be considered for a tuition waiver, applicants must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA forms are available in 119 Student Union or may be completed via the internet at

Funds may be awarded to students even though they do not demonstrate financial need, but they must go through the process. The FAFSA forms must be filed annually for continuation of tuition waivers. Incoming students will be considered for this aid. Students will receive a letter from the School of International Studies advising them they have received any support under this program.

Graduate Assistantships

A limited numbers of graduate assistantships are available to students in the School of International Studies. These assistantships are not scholarships and are not given strictly based on either financial need or academic performance. Instead, the school selects graduate assistants based on a combination of academic performance, professional experience and skills as they match SIS needs.

The Director of the International Studies graduate program selects recipients of the assistantships and coordinates the assistantship program. Individuals may be assigned to help faculty with research projects. Other duties may include assisting SIS staff on special projects. Graduate assistants must maintain a time sheet of activities and maintain scheduled contact with their supervisor for assignments. One’s performance is evaluated at the end of each semester.

To apply, students should fill out the corresponding area of CollegeNet Application to our program. A paper application can be submitted if your information and qualifications have changed since you originally applied to the program. Supporting materials that amplify a student’s qualifications and experience may be attached to the application. Confirmation of assistantships may not be possible prior to the start of each semester.

Assistantships are for one semester only. If academic and job performance are satisfactory, the assistantship will be strongly considered for renewal. Individuals may receive assistantships for up to the three semesters typically required to complete the degree and extensions of the time will be considered only under special circumstances. Summer assistantships are not available.

Graduate assistants generally receive a monthly salary for 20 hours of work a week and have their tuition waived. Those on assignments must enroll in a minimum of six semester hours during the fall and spring semesters.

Financial Help from Professional Organizations and Associations 

Numerous professional organizations and associations offer financial aid to graduate students in the form of scholarships, grants, awards, fellowships or internships. Some awards are for scholarly papers and theses, others are true scholarships, and others involve working for the sponsoring organization for a semester or less.

The Office of University Research posts announcement of these opportunities. Awards of interest to International Studies majors are the following:

The School of International Studies has a number of Graduate Fellowships. There is a single application for these. The application and information on fellowships and awards can be found here.