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Oklahoma State University
School of Global Studies and Partnerships

Educating a New Generation of Global Leaders

Undergraduate Minor in International Studies

Courses within this minor encourage students to understand social, political, economic and cultural contrasts throughout the world. If you are interested in this minor, you can contact your undergraduate adviser to declare the minor. The minor must be declared prior to the semester of your graduation.

Students structure the minor from three clusters of courses and learning experiences encompassing International Decision Making (6 credit hours), International Environment (9 credit hours) and International Experience (3 credit hours). In addition, each student must complete 6 credit hours of a foreign language or provide proof of foreign language competency.

For more information, please contact the SGS Graduate Adviser & Coordinator:

Cara Menasco Eubanks
Graduate Program Adviser & Coordinator
204 Wes Watkins Center
Phone: (405) 744-4344
Fax: 405-744-8973

Minor in International Studies Approved Courses


AGEC   4343   (I)   International Agricultural Markets, Trade and Development
AGED   4713   (I)   International Programs in Agricultural Education and Extension
AGLE   3803   (I)   Global Leadership in Agriculture
ANSI   3903   (I)   Agricultural Animals of the World
BADM   3713      International Business
BHON   4053     Critical Issues in Global Business
DHM   4423     Heritage III: Designing for Progress
ECON   3613   (S)   International Economic Relations
ECON   4643   (I,S)   International Economic Development
EEE   4603   (I)   Entrepreneurship Empowerment in South Africa
FIN   4213      International Financial Management
HRAD   3223   (I)   International Travel and Tourism
HRAD   4090     International Hospitality Studies
HRAD   4783     Critical Issues in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry
LSB   4633   (I)   Legal Aspects of Intl' Business Transactions
MGMT   4613   (I)   International Management
MGMT   4693     International Human Resource Management
MGMT   4883   (I)   Multiple Perspectives in Global Management
MGMT   4943   (I)   International Sports Management
MKTG   3993   (I)   International Business
MKTG   4553      International Marketing
NREM   4093   (I)   Natural Resources, People and Sustainable Development
NREM   4473     Global Issues of Water and Ecosystem Management
POLS   4013     American Foreign Policy
SOC   4043   (D,S)   Gender and Work
SOC   4453   (S)   Environmental Inequality
SOC   4653   (I,S)   Gender and the Middle East
SPCH   4753   (I)   Intercultural Communication
SPM   3843     Contemporary Sports Media
TCOM   3153   (I)   International Telecommunications Business Environment


AGEC   4803   (I)   International Agricultural Economics Tour
AGED   4803   (I)   International Study Tour in Agricultural Education
ANTH   3353   (I,S)   Cultural Anthropology
ANTH   3443   (I,S)   Peoples of Mesoamerica
ANTH   4883   (I,S)   Comparative Cultures
ART   3683   (H,I)   History of 20th Century Art
AVED   4653   (I)   Intl Aerospace Issues
BADM   4093   (I)   Study Abroad: Business Impacts of Contemporary International Culture
CTED   4333   (I)   International Career and Technical Education
CIED   4724     Planning and Management in the Multicultural Secondary Classroom
CIED   4730     Planning and Management in the Multicultural Art Classroom K-12
CIED   4734     Planning and Management in the Multicultural Foreign Language Classroom K-12
EDUC   3080     Intl Perspectives in Literacy
ENGL   3173   (H,I)   World Literature II
ENGL   3463   (H,I)   History of International Film
FLL   3103   (H)   Hispanic Literature in Translation
FLL   3113   (H)   French Literature in Translation
FREN   3343     Business French
FREN   4153     History of French Literature I
FREN   4163     History of French Literature II
FREN   4173     History of French Literature III
FREN   4183     History of French Literature IV
FREN   4333     Background of Modern French Civilization
GEOG   3053   (I,S)   Introduction to Central Asian Studies
GEOG   3133   (I,S)   Political Geography
GEOG   3723   (I,S)   Geography of Europe
GEOG   3733   (I,S)   Geography of Russia and its Neighbors
GEOG   3743   (I,S)   Geography of Latin America
GEOG   3753   (I,S)   Geography of Asia
GEOG   3763   (I,S)   Geography of Africa
GEOG   3783   (I,S)   Geography of the Middle East and Southwest Asia
GEOG   3793   (I,S)   Geography of Australia and the Pacific Realm
GEOG   4143     Geography Travel and Tourism
GRMN   4543     Contemporary German Literature
HIST   3053   (I,S)   Intro to Central Asian Studies
HIST   3113    (H,I)   Germany Since 1815
HIST   3133   (H)   African Diaspora History
HIST   3163   (H,I)   Russia Since 1861
HIST   3273   (H,I)   Modern Europe Since 1914
HIST   3323   (H)   Modern France 1789-Present
HIST   3333   (H,I)   History of the Second World War
HIST   3343   (H,I)   World War I in Modern European Culture
HIST   3413   (H,I)   East Asia Since 1800
HIST   3423   (H,I)   Modern Japan
HIST   3433   (H,I)   Modern China
HIST   3443   (H)   Gender Relations in Chinese History
HIST   3463   (H,I)   Modern Latin America
HIST   3493   (H,I)   Scandinavia Since 1500
HIST   3513   (H,I)   Modern Middle East Since 1800
HIST   3543   (H,I)   Israel & Palestine in Modern Times
HIST   3553   (H,I)   Media & Popular Culture/Arab &Middle East
HIST   3963   (H)   Ideas & Ideologies in Modern Europe
HIST   4543   (H,I)   Vietnam War
HIST   4980     Contemporary Chinese Society
HONR   300     Advanced Honors Topics
HONR   3013     Holocaust Studies Seminar
HONR   3023      Contemporary Cultures of the Western World
HONR   3033     Contemporary Cultures of the Non-Western World
HONR   4933      Honors Creative Component
HORT   4053   (I)   International Experience in Horticulture
HDFS   3203   (I)   Childrens Play: A World Perspective
LA   4433     Land Use and Community Planning
LA   4573     Recreation Planning
LA   4583     Environmental Planning
MC   4153   (I)   International Mass Communication
MUSI   3583   (H,I)   Traditional World Music
NSCI   3543   (I,S)   Food and the Human Environment
PHIL   3943   (H,I)   Asian Philosophy
PHIL   4943     Indian Philosophy
PHIL   4953     East Asian Philosophy
POLS   3003   (I,S)   The Soviet Union: History, Society and Culture
POLS   3033       International Law
POLS   3053   (I,S)   Intro to Central Asian Studies
POLS   3123   (I)   Government and Politics of Russia
POLS   3143   (I)   Politics of Western Europe
POLS   3163   (I)   Politics of Africa
POLS   3193   (I,S)   Politics of Latin America
POLS   3223     Politics of East Asia
POLS   3313     Politics of the Middle East
POLS   4010     Topics in International Relations
POLS   4043     Politics of the Global Economy
POLS   4053   (I)   War and World Politics
POLS   4113     International Institutions
REL   4113   (H,I)   The World of Islam: Cultural Perspectives
REL   4213   (H,I)   Understanding Global Islam
RUSS   3003   (I,S)   The Soviet Union: History, Society and Culture
RUSS   3053   (I,S)   Introduction to Central Asian Studies
RUSS   3123   (H)   Russian Culture and Civilization
RUSS   4013     Survey of Russian Literature I
RUSS   4023     Survey of Russian Literature II
RUSS   4113   (H)   Russian Literature in Translation I
RUSS   4123       Russian Literature in Translation II
RUSS   4133   (I)   Gay and Lesbian Literature in Russia
SCFD   4913   (I)   International Problems & Role of the School
SOC   4033   (I,S)   Comparative Perspectives of Criminal Justice Systems
SOC   4533     World Population Problems
SOC   4950     Women and the Middle East
SPAN   3013     Survey of Latin-American Literature
SPAN   3023     Survey of Peninsular Literature I
SPAN   3033     Survey of Peninsular Literature II
SPAN   3053     Introduction to Hispanic Literary Studies
SPAN   4183     Spain and Islam
SPAN   4223     Contemporary Hispanic Literature
SPAN   4253       Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature I
SPAN   4263      Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature II
SPAN   4333     Latin American Civilization


Each student must have an international experience. This will typically be in the form of a Study Abroad program, foreign internship, or Foreign Service Learning program. Additionally, this requirement can be met through a non-credit international experience of at least four weeks in length. If any of the above items are for non-credit activity, the 3 credit hours must be obtained through enrollment in any of the above approved courses. International students will be exempt from this requirement but must achieve the 3 credit hours through other options available.


Each student must complete the equivalent of 10 semester hours of foreign language (defined as a language that is not the student’s native language). Students with established proficiency may be exempted by examination. Information on examinations may be obtained from the Office of Testing and Evaluation or the Foreign Language Laboratory.

  • International students are exempted from this requirement.
  • Students may count language coursework taken to meet requirements for their major or other programs.