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All Oklahoma State University students and non-employees traveling abroad under the auspices of OSU are required to have adequate emergency medical insurance coverage for the duration of their academic program abroad. Per requirements of the OSU Board of Regents, this must include coverage for emergency medical care, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains. To meet these requirements, OSU provides a mandatory insurance policy for all students and non-employee travelers with approved travel to ensure anyone traveling abroad through OSU meets all institutional requirements.

Be aware that any insurance for time abroad is set up on reimbursement basis. For this reason, be sure you have a plan for accessing emergency funds for medical care if needed. In most locations, a credit card will suffice, assuming your credit limit is enough to be useful.

OSU encourages all students to retain any health insurance they currently have in addition to the OSU policy. Emergencies abroad are one time having more coverage than you need is better than not having enough.


Oklahoma State’s insurance is provided by ACE American Insurance Company. You can review this copy of the Summary of Benefits outlining the coverage.

Examples of benefits include things like medical expenses, preexisting conditions, emergency dental care, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of remains, emergency reunion, security evacuation, trip cancellation and interruptions. Limits of coverage and exceptions do apply so please refer to the Summary of Benefits for specific details.

Period of Coverage: You are eligible for insurance beginning on the date you start your trip until the date you return to your home country or until you move out of eligibility due to dismissal from the program or personal deviation beyond the scope of the program (for example, personal travel before or after the official program which is not covered by this policy). OSU insurance coverage includes up to 14 days of “personal deviation” coverage where personal deviation is defined as an activity that is not reasonably related to the study abroad program. Any personal deviation travel in excess of these 14 days is not covered and requires you to purchase your own personal travel insurance should you wish to be covered (see more below). For more information on this and other coverage details, please review the Summary of Benefits.

Exclusions and Limitations: As with any insurance policy, exclusions and limitations apply. For example, scuba diving, bungee jumping and surfing are not covered and would require you to purchase a separate insurance policy. This is one reason we recommend all students retain existing coverage in addition to the OSU policy. Know your insurance and what is covered! Information on exclusions and limitations can be found in the Summary of Benefits.

NOTE: Domestic programs are not covered by this OSU insurance policy, including students participating on the National Student Exchange to a US destination or students participating on an OSU faculty-led program to a domestic location.

Insurance Resources

Proof of Coverage: Please contact us for a Coverage Certification Letter if you need one for visa or program applications. For us to create this letter, you will need to provide your name exactly as it appears on your passport, your date of birth as MM/DD/YYYY, all countries you intend to visit while abroad, and the start and end date of your approved program.

Emergency Assistance: Mercer Campus Travel Assistance Services can be reached from abroad at +1 (312) 935-3542. Download the general information on this service.

Before departure, please come to the OSU Study Abroad Office in 242 Student Union for an Emergency Assistance Label to attach to your passport or other item for use in an emergency while abroad. Also, print out the Mercer Campus Travel Assistance Services information to carry with you while abroad.

Claims: Because you will be personally reimbursed for expenses covered by this policy, you will submit your own claims for any qualified incident. It is critical that you save ALL original receipts for any expense you intend to claim. Reimbursement is not possible without original receipts. The following link will assist you in that process:


Personal Travel Coverage: Many students pursue personal travel while abroad outside of the official study abroad program. While the OSU policy includes up to 14 days of personal deviation travel outside the official study abroad program, if you plan to conduct personal travel outside the scope of your official study abroad program while abroad OSU strongly encourages you to purchase your own personal travel insurance if you wish to have coverage during those trips.


While OSU does not endorse or require any specific personal travel insurance, students in the past have used these providers for personal travel:


REMINDER: You must register all personal travel with OSU using the Register Side Trips button within your online program application profile.


For More Information on Insurance, please contact the OSU Study Abroad / NSE Office at: / +1 405 744 8569